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Flu Vaccine extended to everyone aged 60-64: Clinic Monday 14th Dec 2020

The free flu vaccine has now been extended to everyone aged 60–64 in Scotland to help protect them against influenza (the flu virus).

Our Flu clinic for patients aged 60-64 years, who aren't otherwise eligible for vaccination during Phase 1 of the programme, will run on Monday 14th December. To book your appointment please call the practice on 01463 712233.


Flu Vaccinations 2020/21 - book online

17 September 2020

Am I eligible for the flu vaccination this year?

Most of those eligible will receive a letter from the government advising you of this.

If you are uncertain, please see the detail below:

Please call 01463 712233 to make your appointment.

*If you have asthma, you only qualify for a vaccination if you are on a regular daily preventer inhaler.

  • Adults 65 and over (as of 31stMarch 2021)

Please call 01463 712233 to make your appointment.

  • Children aged 2 to 5 (and not yet at school)

Our child vaccine has arrived, if you have not already done so, please book your child's flu vaccination now. We have availability for our clinic on Monday 14th December 2020. Please call 01463 712233 to make your appointment. 

  • Unpaid and young carers

Please call 01463 712233 to make your appointment.

  • Pregnant women

If you are pregnant please contact your midwife to find out how to get your flu vaccination.

  • Adults aged 60-64 without a long term condition

The free flu vaccine has now been extended to everyone aged 60–64 in Scotland. We have availability for our clinic on Monday 14th December 2020. Please call 01463 712233 to make your appointment.

  • Over 50 and under 60 without a long term condition

You may be aware that the government recently announced that the 2020 flu vaccination programme would be available to people over 50 for the first time.

We await information on when the vaccine for this group will be available but we do not anticipate this happening before December 2020.

We will communicate with this group of patients as soon as we receive further information about this. Meanwhile please do not call the practice regarding flu vaccinations for  50-60 year olds. 

  • Those living with people who have been shielding from COVID19

If you are living with someone who was shielding please book your flu vaccine appointment online where possible. Please note we will not be inviting people in this category as they are a difficult group to identify. If you are a patient registered with us living with someone shielding we will vaccinate you.

When should I book my appointment?

Our Flu Clinics will commence at the start of October and will run until 16 November. Online booking is available via our website.  

To avoid further clogging of our phone lines, we ask that everyone who can do so, should book their flu appointment online via our website. If you do not have access to the internet you will also be able to contact the practice to make your appointment.  Please call the practice on 01463 712233 after 2pm.

When are the flu clinics?

Monday’s   9am-12pm & 2pm-5pm

Our flu clinics will be held on a Monday and will commence 5th October 2020. Unless you arrive on foot, you will be required to wait in your car until a member of staff signals that it is your turn to join the outside queue (anticipated waiting time is 4 minutes).

For patients who feel that attending a Monday clinic will be challenging due to mobility, as well as those that truly cannot manage any of the 10 Monday clinics due to work or other pressing commitments, we will operate 2 Saturday clinics.  The Saturday clinic will operate at a slightly slower pace with limited spaces so please book a Monday appointment where possible.

What must I do when I come for my appointment?

We recognise that being ready for your vaccination with the top of your arm exposed can be tricky in cold weather.  Whilst the queue will be outside, in order to maintain social distancing, we anticipate that the bulk of the wait for those arriving in cars will be inside their car and that no patient should be waiting outside for more than 4 minutes.

We are asking patients to follow these guidelines when attending their flu vaccination appointment:

  • Arrive promptly, 5 minutes before your appointment time.
  • Please wear a face covering from when you are advised to join the queue outside and maintain a 2m distance.
  • Please do not enter the building until advised to do so by a member of our team.
  • Please follow the signs directing you around the building. 
  • Please wear clothing that allows the top of your arm to be exposed ready for the vaccination as soon as you go in to see the clinician. The clinician will only have 2 minutes to do your vaccination and prepare for the next.
  • Please cancel your appointment as soon as possible if you are unable to attend – these clinics are extremely popular and this means we can offer the slot to someone else.
  • As with all appointments at the current time, please do no visit the practice if you have a fever, cough or have lost your sense of taste or smell. Please cancel and rearrange your appointment if you have any of these Covid symptoms.
  • Please note you will not be able to use our toilet facilities when attending your flu vaccination appointment.
  • Please leave the car park promptly after your vaccination to create space for patients following after you. If you do find that you need to park on Culduthel Road because the Practice car park is full please advise our on-duty staff member and share your vehicle registration number with them. The Council has agreed that parking fines will be waived in such circumstances.

What if I cannot attend the surgery?

If you consider yourself to be housebound (i.e. you cannot leave your house even with the assistance of a friend or relative) there are other ways to get your vaccination.  If you see the district nurses regularly they will give you your immunisation.  If you do not see the District Nurses regularly you will need to let the practice know that you are housebound so that we can inform the Community Immunisation Team. Please send an email to or call the practice on 01463 712233.

What about pneumococcal and/or shingles vaccinations?

We will be holding separate clinics for the pneumococcal and shingles vaccinations. If you are eligible for the pneumococcal or shingles vaccination we will contact you to invite you to attend these clinics in due course.


Just Ask Enquiry Line - New Number 

Image may contain: phone, text that says "Just Ask This enquiry line is for our parents, carers, children, young people, and those who work with them. The phone line is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1pm -4pm Please call us on: 0300303 0300 1365 Staff usually available are: Dietitians, Educational Psychologists, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Primary Mental Workers, Speech and Language Therapists, Schoolnurses, Pre- schoolhome visiting teachers, Autism Practitioner, Community Learning Disability Nurse Information on Early help for Highland children development, learning, play & fun bumps to bairns Highland Children Professionals AHP) medical lustration"

Welcome Dr Simpson

17 August 2020

The Cairn team is delighted to share that Dr Daniel Simpson GP joins the practice today on a permanent basis. Dr Simpson was with the practice back in 2018 during his final GP Specialist Training year and it is a pleasure to welcome him back to our team.

We would like to take this opportunity to share that Dr Anne Rennie is presently on maternity leave until late Summer 2021.


WE ARE OPEN and offering patients a telephone and video appointment service

Whilst we appreciate all people are doing what they can to help the NHS during this time, it’s vital those with non-coronavirus health concerns still seek help as they would have before the outbreak.

The NHS is here for you, so don’t ignore the warning signs.  You are not being a burden, you are looking after yourself and our NHS by doing so.

If you notice deterioration in your health or someone in your household;

  • call us in normal hours (Monday to Friday, 8am-6pm) on 01463 712233
  • call 111 out of hours
  • or in an emergency dial 999

Remember your community pharmacy is also open and you can also contact them for advice or with concerns.

  • If you are concerned about a potential sign or symptom of cancer contact us to get checked.
  • If you or your child has an immunisation appointment, make sure you attend, or reschedule if you’re showing symptoms of COVID-19.
  • If you have a regular appointment for a chronic condition such as asthma or diabetes you should contact us for advice.
  • If your hospital appointment has not been cancelled you should still attend.

For further information visit


Please read the bulletin below and if you feel it applies to you then you may wish to discuss this with your most appropriate Cairn health care professional to arrange the required evidence by calling the practice on 01463 712233.

To access the mesh fund guidance and claim form, visit the NSS website.

Mesh fund 

COVID-19: Facial Coverings and Exemption Cards

From Friday 10 July, it is compulsory across Scotland to wear a face covering in all shops, including pharmacies and on public transport. We also ask patients and visitors to wear a face covering when attending the practice unless medically exempt. Wearing a face covering will further help to stop the spread of covid19. Together we can protect each other and especially, the most vulnerable in our communities.

A doctor’s letter is NOT needed for facemask exemption. If you have a disability or are distressed by wearing a mask you can print one of these cards at home. Click here to download these.

If you have asthma the below link from asthma UK may be useful. This gives links to travel companies and also has a graphic regarding breathing issues which can also be used by those with COPD. 

SMS Communication

During the Covid-19 pandemic the practice has realised the value of the ability to communicate quickly and effectively with our entire patient population by SMS.  From June 2020 we plan to make SMS our default means of communication. Please see our SMS Service page to understand the advantages of SMS and what information you can expect to receive by SMS.

web logo

11 March 2020

Cairn Medical: New logo underpins Practice ethos

Cairn Medical Practice (previously Ardlarich) is delighted to share the rationale behind their new logo and vision for their 57 year old Practice.

For some time now Cairn has promoted active health and wellbeing and works very closely with the local community in championing initiatives to improve people’s health and welfare. Following ongoing monitoring and review of its service the Practice has also been focussing on improving the patient experience which includes improvements to the appointment booking process and telephone system. The Practice is also active in reducing its carbon footprint and in 2018 agreed an environmental action plan. Since then the Practice has successfully introduced several changes targeting waste and energy reduction and promoting environmentally and ethically conscious purchasing.

Dr Beth Macfarlane, Practice Chairperson, explained: “We made the decision to introduce a logo which depicts our ethos of care, community, compassion and conservation.

“The blue C turns into a hand that cradles two figures.  This represents care and our desire to support our patients holistically. The two figures represented in the centre depict our patients – at the centre of what the whole Cairn team does. The leaves above the two figures represent our keenness to support activity in the outdoors as a vital health intervention as well as recognition that we take our responsibility as a business in terms of the environment seriously.”

Cairn has embraced a range of initiatives such as Park Run, Couch to 5K, Spokes for Folks, Wheelness and Health Walks to encourage active health and wellbeing and has worked in partnership with Paths for All, Cycling Scotland and Cycling UK to develop new initiatives. Staff members and patients alike participate in these projects and clinicians also use the Practice Ebikes to attend home visits and local meetings. Practice Partners regularly lobby local influencers around active travel opportunities for the community too. The Practice was closely involved with local social enterprise Velocity in setting up a national pilot ‘Active Health’ link worker project, which gives motivational support to patients struggling to become more physically active.

Dr Macfarlane continued: “Many of our patients and friends of the Practice are avid supporters of these wellness projects; whether as active participants or volunteers and it is this community spirit that ensures project effectiveness and popularity. In addition to reflecting the high quality care and compassion we endeavour to offer our patients, it is our hope that our new logo resonates with our staff, patients and friends as we are so grateful for their support in representing the vision of our Practice.”

Cairn Medical Practice is excited with the direction the Practice is taking as it looks ahead to many more years of caring for the local community and promoting health and wellbeing in the broadest sense.

Our SMS alert service is now LIVE

We are pleased to announce that the new patient SMS alert service is now live. This means patients who have registered their mobile phone number with the practice will receive appointment reminders. Please note this is an opt-out service. This is because Cairn Medical Practice does not use patient SMS communication for any commercial or private gain but rather for individual healthcare benefits. The data opt-out option allows patients to opt-out of receiving SMS appointment reminders and alerts. To register for our SMS service please complete our consent form.


Changes to Our Online Service

Our Online Appointment Booking and Repeat Prescription Ordering system is changing, read more about it here:

Our 'On The Day' Appointment Service.

Please click here for full details about how we allocate appointments to patients who request to be seen immediately.  

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