Confidentiality and Data Protection

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Please note that we cannot be responsible for any breach of confidentiality that you make by posting on our Social Media sites, we will delete any dangerous breaches of confidentiality but that may not be before others have read your post.  Please read our policy before using our Facebook or Twitter pages.    Social Media Privacy Policy


Looking After the Nation's Health

We contribute routinely to 2 tools that are used to help to improve the health of Scottish people and to help evaluate the effectiveness of treatments for numerous conditions.  The Data protection laws allow us to do this because it is in the interest of the Public Health but you have the option to refuse to share your data.  Please read more about SPIRE and THIN before making your decision.


SPIRE (Scottish Primary care Information REsource)

NHSScotland is improving the way it uses information from GP patient records.


SPIRE is a service that will allow small amounts of information from GP practice records to be used to help doctors’ surgeries, NHSScotland and the Scottish Government to improve care and plan services, and to help researchers to learn more from patient information held at GP practices. 


A new campaign is underway to inform patients across Scotland of the benefits of the service, and the confidential and secure way in which GP patient records will be used to help plan and improve health care services.


You have a choice about your patient record being used in this way. To find out more go to or to their FAQ's here:


You can opt out of this service if you wish by contacting the practice at and asking to opt out of SPIRE data collection or you can fill in the opt out form on the SPIRE website and post it to the practice: SPIRE Opt Out


The practice does not receive any payment for participation in SPIRE.


THIN (The Health Improvement Network)

The Health Improvement network takes anonymised data from nearly every GP practice in Scotland.  The analysis is performed by the same company that provides our clinical system and aims to improve the way that healthcare is delivered in Scotland.  The company do not have access to your personal data or anything by which they can identify you; they give each patient a unique number so that they can get in touch with the practice if any follow-up is required and we can then identify the patient and contact them.  You can opt out of this service if you wish by contacting the practice at and asking to opt out of THIN data collection.


Details about how THIN uses data are here: THIN Data Protection Information

and information about THIN is here: THIN Patient Information


The practice does receive a payment in kind for participation in THIN.  The company providing THIN is our Clinical System provider, Cegedim (formerly INPS), who provide us with free training days for our staff in return for our participation in THIN.


In addition to SPIRE and THIN, some of our patients choose to participate in SHARE.  SHARE is an opt-in data analysis system - so if you haven't opted in and given consent then we will not share your data.


SHARE is a new initiative to establish a register of people living in Scotland willing to provide secure access to their health records. This access can be incredibly useful when it comes to developing new treatments and cures for heart disease and other conditions. GoSHARE (Genetics of SHARE) is a sub-study of SHARE, where we are also asking permission to store and use blood that remains after routine clinical testing. No blood sampling is required specifically for this.


The GoSHARE register will allow research into the relationship between genes and disease, and responses to treatment. This is an important growing area of research as the activity of the gene variations could be used to develop new, more effective drug treatments for individuals. Carrying out genetic research can also help us to understand why people get different diseases and why some people respond differently to a particular medicine. If you sign up, you might be invited to take part in a research study in the future but it would be up to you at the time to decide if you wanted to take part.


It only takes a minute to join the SHARE register, but together we can make a real difference to Scotland’s future health.


For more information, or to register;


The practice does not receive any payment for participation in SHARE



Details of all your medical problems are held on our computer system. Cairn Medical Practice is registered under the Data Protection Act. Your medical record is kept securely by the practice and only those professionals who are directly involved in your care have access to your record e.g. your doctor, nurse, practice pharmacist, practice staff. Other persons may only have access to your record with your written permission e.g. solicitors, insurance companies.


Everyone working for the Health Service has a legal duty to keep information held about you confidential. You may be receiving care from other healthcare professionals as well as your GP. So that we can all work together for your benefit we may need to share some information about you. Anyone who receives information from us is also under a legal duty to keep it confidential.

Sometimes the law requires us to pass on information: for example, to investigate a serious crime or to protect a child. We only ever use or pass on information about you if people have a genuine need for it in your and everyone's interests. Whenever we can we remove details which identify you. The sharing of some types of very sensitive personal information is strictly controlled by law.


The main reasons for which your information may be needed are:-

    • Providing you with health care and treatment

    • Looking after the health and social welfare of the general public

    • Ensuring that our services can meet patient needs in the future

    • Helping staff to review the care they provide, thus ensuring that it is of the highest standard

    • Training and educating staff (you may choose whether or not you wish to be involved personally)

    • Investigating complaints or legal claims

    • Statistical analysis and research (you will not be identified in any published results or papers without your prior consent)

    • Preparing statistics on performance and activity (steps shall be taken to ensure that you cannot be identified)


If at any time you would like to know more about how we use your information, you can speak to the Practice Manager or your GP. To obtain a copy of the information we hold about, you can make 'Subject Access' under the Data Protection Act by contacting the Practice Manager. A charge may apply for this request of between £10.00 and £50.00 maximum.


The Practice undergoes regular visits by external assessors, whose purpose is to verify the process of the practice’s quality of care to the patient. Therefore they need to view records of a random number of individual patients. The visiting team adheres to a strict code of confidentiality. Please inform the Practice Manager if you do not wish your records to be inspected.  

Confidentiality and young people

When you are young, your parents are usually involved in your health care. They may make decisions for you, and speak to health workers on your behalf. But as you get older you have more rights.


You can decide if you want your parents to be involved or not. This leaflet explains your rights once you are thought to be old enough to make your own decisions about your health care information.


In England, the legal age of capacity is 16.  However, in Scotland if you are 12 or over, the law assumes you can make your own decisions about your health care information unless there is evidence to suggest that you can’t.


If you are under 12, you may still be able to make decisions about your health care information but the doctor must believe that you understand enough to do this.

When we talk about parents, we also mean anyone who is your legal guardian.


For more information visit BMA Guidance on Confidential Records.  Para 4.1.2 refers specifically to young people. 

Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 Publication scheme

Cairn Medical Practice has formally adopted the British Medical Association Model Publication Scheme for General Practitioners in Scotland and for all enquiries relating to practice information which is contained in this scheme please contact:

The Practice Manager 
Cairn Medical Practice 
15 Culduthel Road 
IV2 4AG 
Tel 01463 712233 


To View the document then please click the following link :



Data Protection

The staff at this practice record information about you and your health so that you can receive the right care and treatment. We need to record this information, together with the details of the care you receive, because it may be needed if we see you again or if problems are identified with a drug that you have been prescribed.  The data that we record are Name, Address, telephone number(s) and email plus records of your GP/Nurse consultations, drugs prescribed and any correspondence sent/received about you to/from other healthcare professionals.  This may include test results and discussions about any referrals to secondary care.


A full Data Protection statement can be downloaded here:

Data Protection Statement of Compliance

Details about how we use your data can be viewed here:

Policy for Collection, Use, Sharing and Destruction of Patient Data


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