Green Impact

Green Impact

Here at Cairn Medical Practice we are concerned with what is happening to our planet. 

The NHS is responsible for at least 5% of the UK's carbon footprint, so it is really time that we both individually and collectively think about what we can change to reduce that carbon footprint. Many of the medicines we routinely prescribe are quite toxic to the environment and wildlife: this means that we will always start where possible with a non-medicines approach to your condition.

Last year, we signed up to the Green Impact for Health scheme that the Royal College of General Practitioners runs. 

From this month onwards, we will try to keep you updated on what we have done to try to reduce our impact on the planet!

There are some simple things that you can do to reduce your impact as well:

  • travel on foot or by bike where possible, especially for short trips: get your daily exercise at the same time!

  • store your medicines carefully, don't over-order, and take any old medicines back to the pharmacy: never, ever, ever flush medicines down the loo, and let the pharmacy know if you are receiving too much of one medicine

  • use a lunchbox, or a water bottle, rather than buying food and drink in single use plastics

Why not share with us any good ideas you might have? 

Want to get involved? Become a climate champion!

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