Self Refer Yourself (Stop Smoking, Physio & Podiatry)


If you feel you require to see a Podiatrist please see the form below.  An email is provided on the first page for the completed form to be sent.

Podiatry Self Referral Form

Please send the form via email to the address on the form.

However if you are at all unsure if you require Podiatry treatment or your pain/condition worsens then see your GP for advice.

Musculoskeletal (MSK) disorders

Musculoskeletal (MSK) disorders covers any injury, disease or problem relating to our muscles, bones or joints and are very common.

Over a million people visit their GP with a musculoskeletal disorder in Scotland each year.

The Musculosketal Zone has been developed with the help of patients, physiotherapists and doctors to bring together the best possible information and advice for preventing, treating and recovering from musculoskeletal disorders at home and in the workplace.


The MSK service is now available as a free tablet and smartphone app featuring:

  • Exercises and video clips to help you get moving safely.
  • Integration with your diary to remind you to exercises and/or attend any appointments.
  • A log tool to help you keep track of your progress.

The app is available to download through Google Play and the App Store.

Help and advice

Muscle, back and joint problems are commonly known as Musculoskeletal Disorders or MSK for short. Find out more about them and where you can go for advice to help you get back to normal. Click Here


Wanting to Stop Smoking?

Smoke Free Highland Here you will find information to help you if you are thinking about stopping smoking, or if you are someone who wants to help or encourage someone you know to stop smoking or if you want to make your home and car smoke free.

You can self refer for smoking cessation by clicking here

You can also seek advice and help to stop smoking from your community pharmacy.


Living Life

Are you feeling low? Depressed? Anxious? Don't worry because these are common problems.  Some people are able to recover over a shorter time of a few weeks on their own while others may need to seek more specialist help and support.  That's where Living Life can help.

Living Life is a new telephone service to provide help for people suffering from low mood, mild to moderate depression, symptoms of anxiety or a combination of both.

You will be offered a series of telephone support sessions talking you through specific materials and workbooks, which will be sent to you through the post or you can download or access them via the internet.  The sessions will be weekly or fortnightly over a period of approximately 4 to 12 weeks at a time suitable to you. 

If you would like to know more about Living Life, you can self-refer (for people aged 16 and over) by calling direct - 0800 328 9655 - open from Monday-Friday 1.00pm-9.00pm

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