How Can I Access my Medical Records.

To access your medical records, you will need to make a Subject Access Request (SAR). 

We don't not charge for access to your records provided that the request is reasonable.  There is a lot of work involved in preparing your medical records for release, approximately 5 to 7 staff hours, so we may charge if you make repeated requests.

You can make a SAR in person or you can ask a solicitor to do so on your behalf.  However, if you nominate a 3rd party then you will need to ensure that you have signed a consent form to allow them access to your private information.

Please see below about applying for Life Insurance.

How will I receive my Records?

GDPR requires that we supply your records in a 'Machine Readable' format; so, normally, we will supply your records as a .pdf file on an encrypted USB Data Stick.  If you require paper copies then please let us know but due to the cost of Courier postage, you will need to collect the paper copies from the Practice.

How Long Will it Take?

We will have your records ready within 1 calendar month of the date that we acknowledge your request (usually the day that we receive it).

What is in my Medical record?

Your record will contain details of every visit to the GP, any letters that we have sent to you, any referrals that we have made to the Hospital or other healthcare provider, the results of any tests that we have performed and any immunisations that you have received. 

What is not in my Medical Record?

If you are 'of certain years' It is not likely that your record will contain much about your childhood visits to the GP. 

Visits to the hospital are recorded under your Hospital Records and may not be recorded in your GP's records.

If you have moved from another country within Great Britain, or have left the military, then we may have only a summary of your records.  If you have moved from abroad then it is not likely that we will have access to your medical history at all.

Who Can Access My Medical Records?

Under the Data Protection Act, and latterly GDPR, in short, only you or someone to whom you have given written consent.  Written consent may be given via our form, requesting your records, or be granted by a Power of Attorney that has been invoked.

The Police have no right of access to your records without a Warrant or Court Order.

Applying for Insurance?

Insurance Companies may ask you to sign a Subject Access Request, granting them access to your ENTIRE medical record by acting as your agent.  This is a breach of the Data Protection act and they should be requesting a report from your GP under the Access to Medical Records Act.  You do not have to sign a Subject Access Request, just authorise them to contact your GP.

Where Can I get a form?

You can collect a form from our Reception team or download it here: Request Access to Medical records

Please complete the form and either post it back to us, with colour copies of your ID documents and your cheque, or email it to us with colour copies of your ID documents attached.  We will check your original ID when you collect your records. 

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